This is a dictionary application with collection of predefined expressions about rowing, ideal for participants of rowing events as athletes, coaches, team managers, jury members, organizers, technical officials, or supporting family members of the rowers.

The application has been available right now on ANDROID and IOS.

The application has a free version with limited subset of expressions. If you are interestedin more, look for the payed version.

The application’s payed version includes all the expressions available in the dictionary, and to be enhanced continuously with more languages and more feature in the future. Watch out for new releases!

The expressions are available right now in                                                                  English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Croatian, Slovenian and Turkish.

Dictionary expression grouped by following topics in this application:

General expressions                         Where is it? & When is it?                          Accreditation office                            Regatta Office                                                         Race types                                        Lists                                  Jury                                                    Regatta course                 Lanes                                                 Distances                                                                Boat types                                         Services                         Boat                                                   Crew                            Training                                             Athletes weighing                                                 Outgoing control commission          Start                           Race                                                 Finish                                                                     Incoming control commission          Boat Weighing                              Doping                                              Protest

how to use


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